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It is essential that any professional implementing EBMA has completed EBMA training and has EBMA supervision for their work. 

We offer both professional training events and bespoke training events for teams and professional groups.


We also offer consultation, supervision or advice sessions for individuals, groups or teams looking to train in EMBA and implement EBMA in their work . if you would like to find out a bit more about EBMA for you and your team we would be happy to provide a free introductory session. 


For more information regarding training or supervision for you or your team, please contact us:

Current Training Events

Due to the current pandemic our training events have been postponed.


We are currently looking to provide dates for training in 2022. 


 If you would like to register your interest for future events please get in touch. 

Past Training Events 
BPS Workshop: 12 November 2018
The Empowerment Behavioural Management Approach for Challenging Behaviours in Brain Injury Rehabilitation 
Bullet Journal


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